Magizorb™ turns liquids to solids.  It therefore makes messy clean ups easy.


Solidify sickness, spills, pet urine and used cooking fats.  


Magizorb™ is safe to use and can be used to solidify liquids on carpets, laminate, vinyl, plastic, glass, cookware and fabrics for instance.  


Keep Magizorb™ handy at home, at work and in the car for those unexpected incidents.

FOGs Clog!  Don't pour them - Magizorb them!

Fats, oils and grease (FOGs) that solidify in the miles of waste water pipework and sewers across the UK cause approximately 300,000 blockages each year and cost in excess of £100 million to clear!


Magizorb™ helps to reduce the financial and environmental impacts of FOGs in domestic and commercial environments.  Prevent blocked drains instead of having to cure them.

© 2015 Magizorb is a registered trademark of Contain-ER Protection Solutions Ltd

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